Financial Policy


Payment at the time of service is the standard. We do file dental insurance and do our best to anticipate what your insurance company may reimburse. If we are able to determine that amount, then we collect only the remainder of the balance from you at the time of service. Dental Insurance companies vary their policies wildly and each company may have many different plans. We use databases available to use to attempt to determine what your insurance will do, however, you can be our best resource. Bring your “Explanation of Benefits” (EOB) booklet, or web link to us, and we will work on your behalf. In brief, your bill is your responsibility. If you have dental insurance, we will work to help you receive all of the benefit due to you, but we need your help to do so. We are not contract providers for any dental insurance companies. That means that we fairly treat people without dental insurance and those that do possess insurance. Our fees are uniform, and so are our standards. We are often asked if we accept insurance, and sometimes people mean; do we accept what the insurance company pays as complete payment? The answer is no. If the same question is asking, will we process dental insurance claims as well as pretreatment estimates? The answer is yes


Payment at the time of service is the standard. For established patients we can spread treatment plans over time to help with cash flow. This makes most care affordable for most people, and it is far more cost effective than seeking an individual dental insurance policy. Creative strategies are also available such as third party financing. In order to best address your situation, please have these conversations with our Office Administrator via telephone or preferably in person.