Mark Watkins

A first class Dental practice. Professional and friendly. Presents what is wrong and options to correct. The best pain free anesthesia injections I ever had. Strongly recommend this Dental practice.

Cynthia DeMarco

I have been a patient at Smith Mountain Lake Dental Practice for 30 years. Dr. Sicher is a great dentist who is knowledgeable, caring and skilled in many dental procedures. His staff is professional and the dental hygienists have a gentle touch. This is truly a pain free dental practice. I would highly recommend Smith Mountain Lake Dental Practice to everyone.

Edel Rath

He did 2 crowns for me. One I lost and one was broken. He paid great attention to my level of comfort and detail! Very happy with the job he did. Highly recommend him for all of your dental needs.

Fran D

Dr. Sicher and his staff do everything to provide the best care in a quiet, peaceful environment that is as stress free as possible for a dentist office. The staff has excellent communication skills and treats you as if you were one of their close friends. Each one does their job efficiently, professionally and knowledgably. Your time is not wasted and you leave feeling you had the best care that could be given.

I have seen many dentists in the past sixty years, and they all said I had a big problem with my bite. Then I never heard about it again. In the process to restore my teeth, Dr. Sicher worked on my bite a little bit at a time. One appointment was set to finally change my bite before the final fitting for my partial plate. That night I discovered that a good bite was a wonderful thing to possess. Now, I also know that a well fitted and designed partial plate is also a product of an excellent dentist who cares about his patients and pays attention to all the details.

Pedro Rodriguez

Dr. Sicher and his staff are the absolute best in their field! Having travelled the country over, I have yet to see another dental team as welcoming, professional and outstanding in customer service as what I have experienced at SML Dental Practice. You can tell Dr. Sicher is extremely dedicated to his practice through his thorough examinations and procedures. His reception staff is also phenomenal. My only complaint is that they aren’t here in South Carolina!!

Frederick Britt

Thank you for all of your great care. We are very blessed!!!

Helene Angle

State of the art equipment. The staff is very courteous and professional. Dr. Sicher is hands on with the patient. He explains a procedure being done and does it with extreme confidence.

Kathy Truelove

As a new resident to the lake area, I was looking for a dentist. I parked in Dr. Sicher’s parking lot and talked to patients as they entered or exited and everyone was so complimentary that I decided to try him. It was the best decision ever. My initial consultation was so thorough and Dr. Sicher discovered I needed “Equilibration”. It truly changed my life! This procedure corrected biting issues in which I had suffered for years and no other dentist detected. His knowledge and expertise are far beyond any dental practice I have ever been to (and I had a really good dentist before I moved). I am over the moon HAPPY with my treatment and extended care for other procedures. The staff is impeccable with the highest level of professionalism and courtesy. If you need a dental practice that will truly take care of you, go see Dr. Sicher and his staff!

Michael Grimm

This is easily the best dental practice in the entire area. We love the professional staff and all the fully updated dental technologies!

Charli McDilda

I was referred to Dr Sicher for severe TMJ. My jaw was so bad I was only sipping soup and drinking though a straw. He was able, over several weeks, to get me to a place of only occasional pain and help me reach no pain. It was best money I’ve every spent.

Linda Nekic

Great, great dentist and staff! I’m a relatively new resident to the SML area and about 6 months ago, I had a dental emergency. Dr. Sicher saw me right away and took care of that problem. Afterwards, I had a new patient. full dental exam where he discovered my jaw was somewhat dislocated, a condition I never new existed. I’m 62 years old and have had plenty of dental work performed over the years, yet no other dentist ever told me this. I do recall finding myself grinding my teeth and Dr. Sicher said that the grinding was due to my jaw not being properly lined up, and fillings and/or crowns not even in my mouth. So just last week, he performed an “Equilibration” dental procedure on my jaw, meaning he realigned it and did some grinding of my healthy teeth that was making my bite awkward. The procedure was not painful or uncomfortable at all, but it took him about 2 hours to complete. Again, I had no idea that my jaw was out of alignment. Now all I can say is, “WOW!” My mouth and jaw feel terrific and the slight ringing that I had in my ears when I was laying down has completely gone away. Again, Dr. Sciher and his team are wonderful. I will never go to any other dentist or hygienists ever again.