Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry is sometimes confused with the “cosmetic dentistry.” Most people think of cosmetic dentistry being focused on “makeovers,” and other people use the term to mean “excessive or unnecessary.”

Often the idea is that “cosmetic” differs from “functional” or “healthy.” In the natural world, “form follows function,” and creation has given us the eye for beholding the beauty found when it all comes together!

Smith Mountain Lake Dental Practice does, upon request, provide cosmetic makeovers. Most of what we do is focused on health and function, and as mentioned above, we want that work to be natural and beautiful. This is a gratifying area to advance for our patients.

Dentistry with an Aesthetic Touch

The appearance of your teeth often has a direct impact on how you feel about yourself. We want you to have the best possible oral health, which naturally leads to satisfaction in your own smile. 

Simple dental treatments, from fillings to straightening and everything in between, can give you that extra confidence while keeping you healthy. These treatments are worth it!

In many cases, aesthetic dentistry can be as simple as tooth-colored fillings. We’ve found that even these straightforward aesthetic treatments can make a big difference in how you feel about your dental health as well as your smile.

Composite Fillings

Fillings are an important part of the dental process and help protect your tooth from further decay. Routine dental cleanings help detect a tooth that is in the early stages of decay.

We only provide tooth-colored fillings. We do not offer amalgam or black fillings. With these tooth-colored fillings, your dental work will be invisible to the naked eye, and you’ll never have to feel self-conscious about any eye-catching fillings.

Restoring Teeth

When your teeth are damaged, worn, or missing, we can offer options that will restore your health as well as the aesthetics of your smile. The goal is to help you chew and speak normally again without drawing attention to your dental work.

Crowns are a simple way to restore function to individual teeth. Your crown will be customized to your smile, so it can blend in effortlessly. When you want to spend less time in the dental chair and more time enjoying your smile, you can take advantage of our same-day crowns! We can quickly restore your smile in a single appointment at Smith Mountain Lake Dental.

You can also use crowns and dentures in conjunction with dental implants to restore both function and beauty to your smile. We know that a smile that works well is beautiful, so we are ready to offer you the options you need to have a healthy smile again!

Beautifully Functional Smiles

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